The series finale for Once Upon A Time has been announced and with the series finale being announced more news has leaked…so many characters are returning for the finale! Who are you most excited to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • J Burke 18 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Dopple Ganger evil queen, not wish realm.

  • harlandted 18 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Mulan and Red together! I wish…..

  • Brianna Hucke 18 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I’m pretty sure the old Cinderella might be coming back. Cause someone asked jessy schram if she was coming back and she replied “ who knows what twists and turns will happen”

  • Joanna Grace 19 / 03 / 2018 Reply


  • Joanna Grace 19 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    My theory is that EVERYONE is under a curse that they think they’re in Hyperion Heights but they’ve actually been in Storybrooke all along. And the title of the finale “Leaving Storybrooke” could mean that the curse is broken and they literally leave Storybrooke and go home to the enchanted forest

  • Christine 926 19 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Ariel was in season 6 she helped Jasmine, Aladdin, & Hook get Agrabah back! Not a flashback!

  • Holographic Rainbows 19 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    So excited Jared, Beverley and Lee are coming back! I got to meet them and talk to them this past weekend at the Vancouver convention. Beverley actually said that she cried this weekend when she found out how this season will end 🙁

  • Tina Krahn 19 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I thought Gold went to Hyperion Heights to find a way for Bell not to die and also to find the guardian to take the dark side of him away.

  • Angelo Sanders 20 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I wish Peter Pan

  • Think before You speak 20 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Didn’t Hook and King Arthur talk about people maybe being able to escape the River of Souls after Hades died? Maybe Peter Pan comes escapes. Peter Pan never fails. Also that would be cool if they showed everyone in the Under World.

  • NickyHelp 21 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    By looking at the recent bts photos of ep 21, some of the returns like Granny and Blue all seem to be the Wish Realm versions. Thanks to the appearance of the statue of Wish Snowing.

  • Meagan Vogelsang 21 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Josh Dallas more than likely will not be returning as he has already started filming his new show.

  • Beth Anderson 22 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Can you confirm now that both Jennifer's and Josh is returning. I just saw a video that says they are now confirmed to return. If so will you do an update video. Thoughts plz!!

  • Tanay Morris-Gatlin 23 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Can you do a video on Jennifer Morrison and ginnifer Goodwin returning for the finale.

  • David Conway 03 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    do you think it might have a spin off series in the future some time,

  • TwoIdiotGuys 04 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    Watch American Horror Story Season 2 Robert it doesn’t have Lady Gaga but it’s the best season I think you’d like it

  • David Conway 08 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    want went wrong with season 7 ,

  • Riku kh 15 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    I want more Peter Pan!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😖

  • Brittany Nowak 19 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    Definitely Jennifer Morrison should return!💖 It was Soo sad when she said she wasn't coming back as a regular in 7😓. I honestly didn't want to start watching 7 but I was curious..most episodes are completely boring! Two or three were great. Not much magic this time didn't like that nor how they made rumple the cop. Alot of the seasons backgrounds didn't line up and it was again boring…and dragging out!

  • Shawn Del Rey 21 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    I really think we should have seen Maleficent and Lily, I actually miss Aurora too! and what the hell happened to Mulan??? I mean she is literally the most miserable character in all of OUAT, but to be honest, I LOVEEEEE Cruella and Ariel and I'm sooooooo happy to see Ariel returning because her story also was kind of dim too…

  • Gpod Joe 05 / 05 / 2018 Reply

    I have high hopes for Lana. I do hope she makes it to the silver screen just like Sebastian Stan did after this show ends. OUAT may have ended, but look on the bright side, it gives the actors some opportunities to do bigger projects. Maybe Lana could work for Disney again but on a cinematic level.

  • Charissa Farkas 13 / 05 / 2018 Reply

    My chush is back.
    Welcome Back Pannie

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