The New Year’s Cruise carrying over 4,000 passengers was caught in a violent winter storm on the way back from the Bahamas. The ship was constantly rocking for 3 days!

Although the ship is capable of handling such a storm, we saw some people sleeping in the hallways because of water leaking into their rooms from the balcony doors (or because some thought the ship was going to capsize.) We even saw a family walking around with their life jackets.



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  • RedCurtainEnt 13 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    UPDATE: For those who are interested in knowing what NCL is doing for compensation:

    Thank you for choosing Norwegian Breakaway for your vacation at sea. We appreciate your patience as we reviewed the feedback from the voyage.

    We sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of the effects of winter storm Grayson. The safety and security of our guests and crew is our top priority, and we are sorry that the enjoyment of your last few days onboard may have been affected.

    Your patronage is very important to us and we understand that your experience during this cruise may have fallen short of your expectations. As a genuine indication of our concern and as a gesture of goodwill for your understanding, we have arranged for a future cruise credit of 25% of your cruise fare paid. This credit may be used on a future sailing, so that you can return to have the cruise vacation experience that you originally intended. Please contact your travel professional or our Reservation Department at 1-800-327-7030, and refer to your original reservation number at the time of booking.

    Please note that this cruise credit is non-transferable, has no cash value and is valid for sailings within 12 months from the date of this letter. It cannot be applied to government taxes and fees, airfare, insurance, hotel packages or other add-ons. It is not combinable with other cruise credits or fare reduction coupons.

    We do hope that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you back in the near future.

  • MyLife3636 29 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    So cool! I've love being on cruises when the ocean is angry!

  • elizabeth wardrope 29 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    has the msc seaside still have there formal nights on board

  • Bill Aichinger 29 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    time to throw up and go to bed

  • wherefairsoda 29 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    The Norwegian Breakapart what a cheap piece of ship.

  • NoŽmie TrŽpanier 29 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    I was actually in this boat at this moment and i found that so niiice but a loooot of people trow up (i was always in the teen lounge entourage so i didn’t care about it )

  • RicoGalassi 29 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    hope the bilge works!

  • Shane Pratt 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    This is the NCL Getaway. I was on this ship for a week with 5,000 other passengers. I loved it though. Balcony state room, food package, it was incredible.

  • Breanna Sloan 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    So cool

  • Karen Dixon 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    What gets me is people are strolling out dressed up for dinner and this horribly raging storm is steps away.. flooding the ship.. and they are on the water…I mean it's not like a secure house. At any moment the waves could toss you and furniture about or break through a window as it did on another ship!

  • Karen Dixon 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    What happens if ice starts weighing heavily on one side or the navigational system becomes damaged by ice?!!!! Nooo thank you!😮

  • Sashman EDM and Vlogs 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    Just got back from a cruise yesterday – the Norwegian Getaway ship. 7 day cruise. No issues. Loved it. Sometimes you just have a bad cruise, but you have to make the most of it because thats life, regardless of how much you paid.

  • Alys S 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    They need to waterproof all the doors and windows I'm surprised this actually happened

  • schwarzalben88 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    It must have been quite scary but Im afraid the Cruise companies need to remember when they order their Liners that its a ship not a floating hotel.Double Bulkhead doors to all open decks etc etc Ok its not as convenient but it keeps the sea out in storms

  • Gabbie Hannah 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    I thought they were going to fcuking die

  • Gabbie Hannah 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    if I was on the boat I would scream fcuk

  • Fatima Nagi 31 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    i would never in my life go on a cruise, how scary

  • Nichole_Sprinkles 31 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    So basically that entire ship is going to be covered in mold!

  • Tobiasz Tułacz 31 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    Da fug. 😮

  • Shivors 31 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    If you get on a ship that isn't water tight…don't complain when a storm forces water on board.

  • Gabriela 31 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    I do not want such a weather on a cruise!

  • Nubia Gonzalez 31 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    That's insane!!! Glad everyone's ok. Must have ruined people's first cruise experience. Wow

  • YOW Gyrl 31 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    This is why I'll never take a cruise.

  • 4exgold 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    i'd have been in the cabin puking for 3 days.

  • Jamarie Clarke 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    You bunch of stupid people something could go wrong on the ship and you think it was fun

  • Ignored Advice Productions 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    You know, this situation happened exactly like this in 2009 with Carnival Triumph and Hurricane Bill. Nobody gave a damn.

  • theBF4play 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply


  • JussyNZ 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply


  • Boston_Mama84 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    I’ve never taken a cruise but I thought at least the doors leading to the decks would be more secure and a seal to keep water out.

  • Michael McCloskey 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    I love how crew is like another to see here it all good

  • Christine California 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Why are they not more water tight on upper decks…what a sad mess…no wonder it cost so much to go on these cruises…need the money to do cleanups.

  • Christine California 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Deck chairs etc cant be mounted to deck??

  • SoloArt Studio 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    scary!!! …and we go on our cruise next week. Thanks Liked

  • TheGamingChamp 01 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    R.i.p headphonw users

  • Kylee Morley 02 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Well I was thinking about booking a cruise until I saw this…

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