DISNEY Planning to Buy 20th Century Fox!- MCU Gets X-men & FF Back!- MCU Phase 4!

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  • Lord Mū 11 / 11 / 2017 Reply

    Spider-Man's mutation goes out of wack, he seeks out Beast for his knowledge in the field while Kraven the Hunter is pursuing him. Unfortunately, Beast's tech is highly experimental and unsafe to use for human trials as testament by his animal-like appearance, instead tells Peter to embrace his mutation. Peter leaves the mansion distraught and is attacked by Kraven on his way back to NYC from Albany. Magneto intervenes, solos Kraven and tries to recruit Spider-Man to his group of fugitives who have been hunted since the Sokovia Accords were ratified. Tony shows up at the mansion tracking Peter but gets distracted by all the super-powered people he encounters; he and the Professor have a difference of opinion registration. Meanwhile, Peter's appearance is changing. Feeling like an outcast, he stumbles into the midst of the Warlocks who have members of Magnetos Brotherhood among them. Magneto, pulling strings from behind the scenes, coordinates an operation to invade the mansion and steal the tech from Beast under the pretense of curing his mutation but secretly desiring to enhance his and his comrades. Big showdown: Magneto drops in uses the tech to turn Peter into Man-Spider and escapes (with the tech, setting up future movies), leaving Tony, Beast and the Professor to take care of Peter (would be cool if most of the students are too young to help, also explains why they're off the radar and the other core X-Men can be introduced in later films)

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