Eric Shane and Aaron react to and discuss season 4 episode 14 of Star Wars Rebels A Fool’s Hope

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Comment List

  • Kspiers PVM82 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    There is one more epsiode

  • Michael Davies 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    QnA / QandA / Q and A do you think Dave Filoni will make another animated Star Wars tv show, i.e. after return of the jedi

  • Wolf6120 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    They go into the details of Pryce's rise to power in the recent Thrawn novel. Basically, her family ran a lucrative mining business on Lothal that got nationalized by the Empire when they started hoarding metals and resources for Project Stardust. Pryce went to Coruscant to protest the nationalization and basically ended up stirring up enough shit to get herself into the powerful political circles. Eventually, she agreed to hand off her family's mines in exchange for the Governorship of Lothal.

  • JacK_O_SauRus 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Collider loves The Last Jedi. Kristian Harloff just talks about how the new movies don't focus much on connecting Canon like the rest of the content does.

  • Cameron Mcindoe 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Anyone else thinking about all the rebels that died in this trap that were being used as bait.

  • Tamás Gerő 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I m still here and waiting the next episode reaction 👀

  • JP G 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Issue is the Emperor in the end got sidetracked due to a guy named Luke who blew up his special toy

  • LouiseJulie_ 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Gregor is one of my favourite Clones. After a battle he ended up with amnesia, he was hired as a dishwasher not knowing about his past. He was reminded about who he was, fought off a full army of battle droids by himself, but he hit a cylinder which exploded, I thought he was dead but he returned in Rebels with some sort of damage to his brain, which is why he comes across slightly loopy 🙂 love him so much

  • David Bujna 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Imagine if this was not intended for kids…..the wolves would be one of the most brutal scene in both Rebels and TCW….them ripping clones apart….yesh

  • Gaming vid-z 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    You should watch Lusifer.It is a great show.

  • Eric Ramseur 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    That's not what Kristian at Collider said, respectfully.

  • Anthony Gruidl 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Gregor was a commando he didn't serve a specific jedi

  • Ruşen Akman 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Fire everyone and bring Dave Filoni head of everything Star Wars related. Simple.

  • Ryan and Jeanie Scherer 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I'm going to miss your reactions to this series. I have often shared the same emotions as you all. Glad there are other fanboys that react the same way I do! haha

  • RyanKlip 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    “Wolffe! Can you believe it? You got your Wolfpack back!”
    “Yeah, they fight just like the boys!”

    I’m not crying, you’re crying…

  • avonbarksdale91 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Kristian was talking about Kathleen Kennedy. Not Rian Johnson!

  • Leon Ki 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    "i love that shot" "aahh i love thhhaat" "shheeesh" "aaah i love thatttttt" Eric and most of all Aaron….
    if everything is great, nothing's great!!!

  • Emad Khan 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    React to A Silent Voice

  • Sean Blankenship 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    You're welcome guys lol

  • Amphibious Kilo 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Rewatch the Clone Wars

  • Scott O 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Awesome action and some nice brutal action sequence, did not hold anything back.

  • Raptorus77 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I love that little Wolf/Wolf Pack joke they made, brings back memories…

  • Dr Lord 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Someone compiled a video of who were the voices in the World Between Worlds. I wonder who… cough Star Wars Explained cough

  • PaX MalombellA 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Its not really time travel. Its more akin to the 5th Dimension, similar to the one scene in Interstellar.

  • PaX MalombellA 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Don't really know why people have an issue with Force Projection. Its ultimately the same thing as Force Ghosts, but you are part of the physical world still.

  • PaX MalombellA 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Is it me or is Shane a very angry young man?

  • Lucas Khater 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Gregoe was a commando who was lost after a battle. He's later found by that tiny colonel.

  • mikejvasquez76 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    The wolves had the high ground.

  • Heinz Moleman 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    To be fair Collider didn't denounce Rian Johnson's version. They want Kathleen Kennedy to make sure everything connects more, which is why they suggest Filoni help run the creative side and Kennedy execute those ideas because shes a great legendary producer which Filoni cannot do or has the track record of doing. Shoot not many have the track record that Kennedy has which is why she was hired for that job. The guys at Collider loved The Last Jedi tho so I think Shane misunderstood what was said in that video even tho Collider's clickbate headline in the video did give the impression that Shane has.

  • dodgermutt 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Gregor was the guy who sacrificed himself to help Meebus and the droids escape the void planet. You don't find out he survived until we see him in rebels.

  • Sal Scalici 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    In many ways and most cases, Id take the Ghost over the Falcon any day!

  • Darren Speirs 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    CC-5576-39 or Commando/Clone Trooper Captain Gregor first appeared in season 5 episode 12 "Missing in Action" where R2-D2 and D-Squad with Colonel Gascon finds Gregor on a desolate planet and he suffered from amnesia when they found him but he eventually remembered who he really was.

  • Zach Baker 07 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    the Ezra vs Rukh fight closely resembled the 1v1 fight between Obi wan and maul on Naboo right after qui gon is killed in episode one with similar camera work (its reverse of the Naboo duel) and I believe almost the exact same choreography

  • AKAHimself 08 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    +18:25 when Ezra lasts longer than Kanan against Ruukh

  • Dick Fillmore 08 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Quit defending Rian Johnson and that shit film of his.
    He used a NON CANON book to justify his crap writing.
    TFA and TLJ is a blatant ripoffs of KOTOR, Legacy Comics, and Plagueis Novel: FACT

  • Dick Fillmore 08 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I'm pissed you guys are making me defend Collider lol
    Harloff is the only one talking sense there Right now.

  • Nova 08 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    The music was fucking amazing. That Clones theme was worth waiting 4 seasons for.

  • BuringTARDIS Manual 08 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I like how for the last few episode they started using some of the saga score.

  • Christopher Brown 08 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    You guys owe Kristian Harloff and Collider Jedi Council an apology. If you're going to comment on another channels content, please do so accurately.

  • Tim Etheridge 08 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    You might want to watch Collider Jedi Council again and see that Harloff never says anything about the 'Disney machine' just that Filoni having greater creative control would help tie everything into one overarching canon, whereas Rian Johnson made a very good film that didn't necessarily follow on from what JJ Abrams set up.
    In my opinion he's spot on, I would love to see more than just an easter egg connecting the shows to the films

  • therealmfbtl 09 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    yoda redirects lighting cause he is a water bender.

  • Red Lantern Reviews 10 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    I had the biggest smile on my face when Wolf said "They fight just like the boys" when talking about the wolves. I love it so much

  • HacaPotato 15 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    Reaction starts at 13:40

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