Hosts discuss Star Wars Rebels for the episodes “Wolves and a Door; A World Between Worlds.”
AFTERBUZZ TV — Star Wars Rebels edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Disney XD. In this episode hosts Joelle Monique, Megan Salinas, and Katie Cullen discuss episodes 12 and 13.

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Set five years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope following the fall of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Council, the series follows a motley group of rebels( all of whom have been affected by the Galactic Empire in one form or the other) that band together in a small group aboard a freighter starship called the Ghost. The series will also focus on the origins of some of the groups that form the Rebel Alliance.

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  • Ledpooplin55 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    The Prophecy of the Chosen One By the Grand Master Fae Coven

    The Jedi archives contain many prophecies. Jedi with the gift of future sight are able to see where a river empties into the ocean no matter what path or turn it may take along the way.

    The prophecy of the Chosen One is one of the oldest prophecies of Mortis held in the ancient Holocrons. In the time of great despair, a child shall be born who will destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force.

    All Jedi students able to see should understand that fulcrum “balance” does not mean that good accepts the existence of evil in the way that sunlight gives rise to shadow. The dark has nothing to do with balance. Balance is a bed of green algae that feeds a school of darters whose numbers are kept in check by bog gulpers. Balance is the circle of life present in monolith systems. But beware, the greed of the darkside acts like a cancer on the living force, and the Sith are its chief agents.

    The prophecy of the chosen one is both simple and seductive. Some may think the prophecy elements/entails that the jedi need do nothing to combat evil besides wait for the Chosen One to arrive. This temptation toward laziness should be shunned, for the Order exists to serve others. So although the prophecy may be true, the jedi must act as if it is not. Responsibility does not lie with a single savior, but with the Jedi Order.

    Many will wonder whether the prophecy of the Chosen One still applies to modern time. After all, the shape-changing Sith have been extinct for nearly nine hundred years. Master Sooloot believed the prophecy dated from the First Greath Schism, and that the line about the Sith was added later to refine the original text.

    The chosen one would surely be a vessel of pure energy, someone who was fathered into existence by the midi-chlorians themselves to act as their agent. Such a being would be beyond the authority of the Jedi Council.

  • m town 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    love the channel

  • Trenton Dixon 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    To answer Joelle's question their is an ashoka novel that takes place a year after order 66 and you find out what she was doing and how became Fulcrum. The novel is written by E.K Johnston and it's available on audible and is narrated by Ashley Eckstein.

  • Ryan Witalison 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    It's not to hard to understand, The Sith does not equal Dark, the Sith was a dark side cult that had to be destroyed to bring balance, we have been told a number of times that Kylo Ren is a Dark Jedi not a Sith.

  • Sean Wadey 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Current Canon explains their is a Sith/dark side Shrine on Courusant under the Jedi temple that the Emperor turned into his palace so he could access that shrine.

  • xShineyxDiverx 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Have you ladies not read the Ahsoka novel?! :O It is FANTASTIC and Ahsoka meets a very cute young queer brown girl who is totally in love with her. It's magnificent. Joelle, get on it! It is set between post-Clone Wars and pre-Rebels.

  • Sean Wadey 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Dr. Aphra, evil star wars female Indiana Jones, actually said "It belongs in an armory." in one of the comics, she was talking about an ancient weapon.

  • James Babyblue Kelly 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Rebels recon of these episodes showed a preview of next week's episodes. Hando is in it.

  • J Cash 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    The unscripted banter is the best.

  • J Cash 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    "Close enough" I want to capture those two words and use as my ring tone. Or vmail prompt.

    Hello. It's not me .. But "close enough".

  • TheAcworthdude 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Just found y'all 💔

  • TheLoreSeeker 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    If you google "Clone Wars Chronological Order" its literally the 1st link…..and its from so its legit.

  • Trashlord Unikitten 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Lots of happy tears

  • darth wint 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply


  • jessthebest 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    She forgot to mention that Ahsoka dies during those episodes and the daughter saved her. That's why they have a connection.

  • darth wint 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    This podcast not been same since Emma Fyffe left. Like listening to MS & KC but JM talks 100mph & mumbles.
    Always leave this review to last.. You bang on about having more women in SW & you haven't read Ashoka novel? lol.

  • FaceMan Buddha 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Humbly advice, you ladies should watch the entire Clone Wars series, so that when Ahsoka and Vader meet at the end of season 2, then the gravity of what happened to Ahsoka would be realized. However, many people presumed she was killed by Vader, which is not true, just as most will interpret Ezra as "saving" her in this episode, which is not the case, but only an assumption. Further, the lost season is very telling as well. All of which one can find for free online.
    Regarding the essence or moral of E12 is for one to lose one's Ego, and thus, be free of attachment, hence Ahsoka saying to Ezra, "I'm asking you to let go." She and Kanan are conveying BALANCE to Ezra and to the viewers and also the time is a human construct and that humans understanding of it is inaccurate. In short, the lesson is Interconnectedness and Universality, which is TRUTH.

  • Dogsteeves 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    He only wiped Anakin only

  • _Mit_Whit _Gaming_ 27 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    22:46 😂


  • Stefan Lindbom 28 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    3 dykes talking star wars how very sjw.

  • Michael Santos 28 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Rex is in ROTJ so he's Ok

  • Darren Richardson 28 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Huh, so I guess you girls don't know that Rex is supposed to be the bearded Commando in return of the Jedi then…..

  • Taksanuba 1990 01 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    The clone wars episode guide is on also here is a quick cheat sheet

  • Demian 02 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    In the Clone Wars, Sidious & Dooku performed a Sith ritual that allowed them to look across time and space. They utilized Dooku's former close bond with his former master, Master Yoda. This could be the same ritual spot Sidious used to look into the world between worlds at Ezra and Ahsoka.

  • Benjamin Johnson 02 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    This was fun. We did an awesome review of Rebels too.

  • J Cash 02 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    Anyone remember Season 2 & Minister Tua saying she knew the real reason the Empire came to Lothal a secret reason known to a few and the Emperor

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